Frequently Asked Qs

1. You offer many interesting services, is your content and expertise really that good?  

I've been a minister for over twelve years, and helped more than 3000+ individuals achieve their personal goals, and hundreds of couples to build lasting, successful marriages. I've been also recognized by ABC, Fox News & NY Weekly. 

My travels around the world introduced me to people of all different backgrounds & walks of life. I know I can help you, because there is very little you can say or do that I haven't seen before...and maybe even lived through personally!

2. What are your credentials as a Wedding Officiant?  

As an ordained minister, I have the legal authority to perform marriage ceremonies in the United States. I received my ordination papers in Los Angeles, CA after years of intensive study of the scriptures. I also served as Senior Chaplain for Los Angeles from 2008-2013.

3. What’s your basic philosophy of coaching?  

As the Founder of Beyond Expectations Coaching©, and the ‘Get Married, Stay Married’ program, my philosophy is that all the ingredients of success lie within YOU. By working with a life coach, you can find in yourself the power to overcome problems, upsets or personal habits. I do this by increasing your potential with training, drills & exercises. 

4. Do you have a portfolio as a wedding coordinator?  

Although I have been a minister and performed weddings for 10+ years, I am new to day-of coordination, and am still building my portfolio. For that reason, I am offering discounts to any couple who will share professional photos with me for marketing purposes after their wedding is over! Call me for details.

5. Do I have to be religious to hire you?  

I am a nondenominational pastor, which means I can marry people of any faith, belief, or none at all (atheist). My personal religious belief is that marriage is one of the 30 Human Rights, open to anyone no matter their race, background or creed. I founded Sarah's Weddings© on that principle. As a company, we do not discriminate against or condone bigotry or hatred in the wedding industry.

6. What if we decide to cancel our wedding, or go with a different company? Is our deposit refundable?  

I require a retainer, which guarantees that I will be available at the desired date and time to perform your wedding. The only way I can do this is to turn away other couples inquiring about your date. For this reason, should you decide to cancel my services for any reason, your initial retainer will not be refunded.

7. If we choose to hire you as an officiant for our ceremony, what does the process look like?  

Many ministers & wedding officiant services make you select your own ceremony script. This is a lot of extra work on top of the wedding planning! My philosophy is that once you have retained me, I am at your service.  

We will start out with a Ceremony Vision Session to nail your exact ceremony style & choreography. I then write a draft of the ceremony script and email this to you. You may make an unlimited number of edits, up until 7 days before the wedding date. (Over 30+ wedding traditions, customs & add-ons are included, from my travels around the world!)  

Depending on which Wedding Package you purchased, there may also be additional support, planning & preparation done by me & my team, to ensure your wedding day comes off without a hitch.  

If you choose to also sign up for my Premarital Course, 'Get Married, Stay Married', you will be given immediate access to the online course & the workbook will be mailed to your door.