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Is your credit card squeaking in protest at the thought of planning a wedding?

Do you get nervous and sweaty at the idea of planning your own wedding...but the prices wedding planners are charging make your credit card squeak in protest?

The Portland Bride School Workshop is the perfect solution for you.

Intimate classes for couples planning their own wedding, our instructors are all pro's in the wedding industry and will walk you through every detail. Have fun with us, learning to plan your own wedding!


How do I choose a ceremony & write my own vows?

Your ceremony is more than a tradition. It is the words that will legally bind you together. Your vows are more than meaningless words - they will become the guardrails that keep your marriage from falling apart.

Reverend Sarah Nadler has spent twelve years as a minister and is a Certified Marriage Coach. Click below to access her wedding ceremony scripts and get help writing your vows.

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Crafting your own wedding from start to finish.

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